Books by Muhammad Farooq

Summary of Holy Quran: An ultimate guide series

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Books by Muhammad Farooq

Customer Experience Management: A Handbook

A Book which is helping the businesses around the globe. Order from anywhere today, now!. 

Books by Muhammad Farooq

50 Customer Experience Lessons

 Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Alibaba have not become the world-leading companies in just 20 years because of technology, investment or hard work of the founders. The Internet was there for everyone. The investors who invested in Alibaba and Apple had more money than Jack Ma and Steve Jobs. I am sure many entrepreneurs in the world worked as hard as Jack Ma and Steve did. We don’t know them today. The point to ponder is, what made these great people successful? In this book, I have explained it’s the Customer-Oriented Mindset, which acted as a foundation in their success.To make the book, more exciting and easy to read, I have made 50 figures, an illustration of insights in the book, which you can use as a researcher, consultant and founder of some company to succeed in your domain 

Books by Muhammad Farooq

Customer Experience Quotes: 1,000 Smartest things ever said

Quotes are considered as literary gemstones. Most of the arguments and speeches in conference rooms start with the business quotations. In business, from the previous 20 years, Customer experience is the top priority of all entrepreneurs. All successful entrepreneurs gave the credit of their success to their customer-centric mindset and customer experience strategy. Quotes like “Customer is King,” “Customers comes first” and “Customer is the reason why businesses exist” are not merely words. These words carry the philosophy of the founders. This book has over 1,000 customer experience quotes and magical words which every entrepreneur, corporate executive, business teacher, and the student must read!My search for customer experience quotes started seven years ago. During my experience over the years, I have collected more than 10,000 the quotes of customer experience, which are listed in the book. The wall street journal, Forbes and many other sites, post quotes of great leaders to engage their audience on social media. If you are a social media professional and looking for the content of the next 1,000 days, I would strongly recommend buying this book 

Books by Muhammad Farooq

An Ultimate Guide for A Successful Life

This book talks about the guidelines given in the Quran to humanity for a successful life. The book is recommended for the people of every age. Its is very easy to read. Content is made very attractive to make the reading convenient for the reader. Islam is the religion of peace and harmony. The Guidelines of the Quran are the ultimate guidelines. I hope you will enjoy reading this book. Please also share it with others. 

Books by Muhammad Farooq

Selecting A Research Topic: For Ph.D. and Masters Students

Selecting a research topic is very critical for the journey of any Ph.D. and master's student. The research topic defines the future of the researcher. There are very few books that tell the researchers topic selection in simple words. Therefore, the aim of this book is to explore and identify the research areas in the era of, massive data availability, age of technology, age of disruption and rapid vicissitudes in implications of future research. The study is based on the assumption that the research progress continues due to developments in academia, industry, and society as a whole. Technology and socio-economic changes have evolved, societal, behavioral, emotional and mental aspects in the wheel of human life. These changes made the globalization ubiquitous in two phases. The first phase has blurred the cultural and national boundaries of the manufacturing industry. The second phase has outnumbered the manufacturing aspect by creating value for companies like Uber, Airbnb, and Amazon. All this progress led to emerging sciences and merging of different social disciplines. Based on these findings and exploration of the top 100 research journals, in the end, the study suggests and recommends novel research ideas to future researchers. . 

Books by Muhammad Farooq

Business Plan Template: Simply Answer the Questions

 With my experience of working with more than 40 startups, I have observed that startups fail because of not having a proper plan. In my opinion to succeed, the startup founders must know the products and services ( Portfolio, Product, delivery, sector trends, target segments, competitors, customers, suppliers, timing to market entry), Should do their SWOT ( Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and threats) and should know the strategy (Action plan, marketing, sales and pricing strategy) to succeed.Some startup founders, think about these aspects but don’t answer the right questions while making their business plans. This book is designed in a very simple way, which asks the question from the startup founders and established business and has a space for the answers. I am sure, this book will help you in knowing your business, taking the right steps at the right time and succeeding. I hope this book will help you in the expansion of your business and creating a unique selling point for your products and services which will ultimately prove to be a sustainable and long term competitive advantage for you 

Books by Muhammad Farooq

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